Sunday, May 4, 2014

Interactive Math NB Pages

Hey Guys! Tonight I'm stopping in for a super quick post showcasing some of my student's interactive math notebook work. My students love to add new activities to their notebooks and they are becoming pros at referring to their notebook for help before asking me. Most of the activities I created myself, but I found some from around the web and modified them to fit my class' needs. I am currently working on an interactive math bundle for TPT, combining all the activities I have created so far this year.  I hope you enjoy our work!

UPDATE 12.31.14
I created and uploaded some interactive math notebooks to my store. Click to view:
Differentiated Place Value, Rounding, and Comparing
Graphing and Data

Image Map


  1. Would you be willing to please share what fonts and programs you use for your interactive notebooks?

  2. I use Powerpoint to create everything! I love it! All of my fonts are from Kimerbly Geswein. You can find her store here:

  3. I really really liked your Interactive Math Journal pages!! I would like to start using math journals next year so any help/advice you could give would be great. Please let me know when your pages are available to buy!